Work visa for Dubai

Work visa for Dubai

Dubai is the among the seven Emirates of the United Arab Emirates and it is famous among other Emirates. If someone like to stay and work in Dubai he needs a work visa for Dubai. This visa demands an employment contract from local or foreign company to get employment visa. Then, the employer request to immigration department to work visa. The employer will arrange all required documents and bear expenditure of work visa process until procedure of residence visa. Dubai demands more worker from abroad who have skills, experience and matching qualification. There are different types of work visa are available for Dubai and these visa based on duration of visa. The individuals from the Gulf Cooperation Country GCC does not require any work visa to work in Dubai. The nationals from other countries of the world need work visa for Dubai. On awarding a Dubai residency visa, now the employee can open a bank account. The Dubai residency visa is valid for next three years. Dubai residence visa bearer and have an employment contract in Dubai can sponsor his spouse and Dependants. The dependants include children under 16 years of age, 18 years if they are students and unmarried daughters. The skilled workers from abroad needs a residency visa to live and work in Dubai UAE, on the base of residency visa the employee will get work permit and labor card which will be issued from the Ministry of Labor. Dubai mostly clear employment process and visa before approaching in Dubai and all these process are done by the employer.

Work visa Dubai procedure.

Initially the employer obtained an approval for the employee from Ministry of Labor or related alternative authorities. The employee can get a job in all free zones of UAE. The Ministry of labor grant the work visa to a foreigner if the ministry convinced that there is no one is available in Dubai to fill this vacant position. Or the job is for a specific requirement, which is not available in Dubai that is why the employee is hiring from abroad. When the foreign employee enter into Dubai on entry permit, then the employee apply for labor card and ID card if the worker is employed in free zone. These cards can be applied in thirty days after entry in to Dubai, but it is better to get this before these thirty days. The labor and ID cards are valid for two years. The employer applies for a residence visa or employment visa to immigration on the behalf of the employee. After, this the employee have to go for medical checkup at government hospital or authorized clinic. This medical exam is consist of blood test, x-rays, HIV AIDS, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Tuberculosis (TB), Leprosy, and Syphilis. The employee must pass these visa medical tests otherwise his visa will not be stamped. The employer visits DNRD taking all necessary documents to stamp the visa on employees passport. These requirements must be achieved within sixty days, but it is better to complete these as soon as possible.
Dubai work visa requirement.

  1. A valid passport of employee having at least six months validity.
  2. The employee must be below 50 years of age.
  3. Employee medical examination certificate from an authorized hospital or clinic.
  4. A copy of Dubai visa application form duly signed.
  5. Two color recent passport sized photograph of an applicant.
  6. Employer sponsorship letter duly approved and signed from the higher authorities..
  7. Academic qualification attested copies like degrees, certificate and diplomas.

8. Police clearance certificate from the native country of the employee.

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