Work visa for Australia

Work visa for Australia

Australia is an emerging economy of the world, it increases its industries, agriculture and other institution and for those it requires skills workers. Australia induct qualified, young and skills workers from the different countries of  the world to overcome its labor shortage in labor market. Australia has designed granted visa program for skilled workers to get sponsorship and employment in Australia. Australia has program for this and that is the 457 visa program that permits the workers from abroad to work temporarily in Australia. This 457 work visa allow the workers to work in Australia up to four years. The worker under this visa can accompanied his family and the family member can work and study in Australia. Moreover, the visa holder and his family member can enter and goes out from Australia as often as they like. Employers and sponsor can hire overseas workers for mentioned vacant position in Australia. These employers or sponsor arrange work visa for employee on his behalf from Australia. The employee accepts the job offer from the employer and apply for employee work visa if he fulfill requirements for this work visa. The visa processing time is different for different cases so there is no fixed time for processing this work visa for Australia. The visa application take more time if it requires character or health checks.

Work visa for Australia requirements

  1. The employee must be sponsored by employer or firm to fill up the vacant position.
  2. The employee must work under those occupation mentioned and approved the Australian Government.
  3. The employee must have required qualification, skills and experience for that particular position for that he has hired for.
  4. Employee must have cleared an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test and have at least 5 across the four test components like reading, writing, listening and speaking.
  5. The employee must be eligible or meet the criteria for vacant position.
  6. The employee must in good physical health or according to the requirement.
  7. The employee must be a good moral character.
  8. The employee must be over 18 years and follow all the rules and regulation of this country.
  9. The employee also have recommended 457 visa health insurance.
  10. The employee must be paid all non-refundable fees.
  11. The employee must have a valid passport which have its validity for at least six months and it has at least two pages blank.Work visa for Australia procedure.

The employee before applying this work visa, the employer must apply to be a sponsor and select a position. Make and arrange documents required for this visa and this visa can be applied online. In online case all documents which are required submit online and fee deposit through credit card when you apply. The Australian work visa can be applied both from outside the Australia and inside the Australia. The skilled temporary overseas workers visa first step is to lodge the application from employee and employer must be approved as a sponsor. The employer requires that the firm is legal and doing lawfully business in Australia. The  hiring company of employee is direct employer and have its record and follow the rules. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) will assess all the information given by the company or employer, sponsor and employee, then the department takes a decision regarding approval of job. The approval or sponsor letter approved by immigration department and other documents will be submitted by the employee to local Australian embassy or consulate for final visa decision. The embassy will take time and make a decision about this work visa.

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