United Kingdom work visa

United Kingdom work visa

United Kingdom is a developed country in Europe and it progressing sharply that is why it requires different types of workers from the world. Mostly the workers are skilled and qualified in their fields and for this the worker needs a work visa or work permit for the UK to live and work there. The most suitable work permit is Tier 2 work permit which replaces the old work permit system. This Tier 2 work permit is for those employees who are visiting this country to fill the vacant positions which are not filled by the local citizen of this country and the employee is sponsored by the legal a licensed the UK employer. It is necessary that the employer explain that the business is legal and original and the employee is required for that vacant position. The reason behind the hiring of this foreign worker is that there is no suitable experience worker is available in this country to fill this position and this employee fulfill the requirement of the Tier 2 points test. The employer will get work permit after this that they have advertised for this position and no one meet the criteria or no suitable employee is available in the UK. The employer must have an Employer Sponsorship License to hire the foreign employee from the world. The holder of this Tier 2 visa can live and work for their employer, but this duration is extendable after given time. After five years in the UK,  the employee can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) which is also called as permanent residency.

Tier 2 work permits types.
1. Skilled worker.
The Tier 2 skilled worker is designed for those workers who have special skilled job offer in the UK. These skills workers are required to fill the temporary shortage in the labor market in England. The following requirements are required for this skilled works permit.
1. Applicant must have at least an S/NVQ Level 3 qualification.
2. The applicant must have skills according to the demand of the local labor market.
3. The employer who is induction employee must have an Employer Sponsorship License.
4. The employee must be cleared the Tier 2 points test.

  1. Intra company transfer.
    This category or types of work visa is for those employees who are being transferred to England branch of their departments or parent companies. Intra company transfer requirements for employee.
    1. The job requires a qualification of at least an S/NVQ Level 3.
    2. The worker must be according to the needs of the market.
    3. The employee who is transferring in the UK must have at least six month job duration prior to transfer to the UK.
    4. The employer must have an Employer Sponsorship Licence.
  2. The employ intra-company transfer must have a connection of the UK and abroad branch of the company and have the same owner.

    3. Sports people.
    This category of work visa is especially for professional athletes and coaches belong to sports. This is only for high class professionals sponsored by clubs and they must fulfill the following requirements.
    1. Have high-level international career in professional sport.
    2. Can contribute in the UK in sports.
    3. Want to live in this country.
    4. These professions must have to clear Tier 2 points test.

  3. Minister of religion.
    The minister of religion category is for workers within a related religion. The worker will participate in missionary work, preaching work, work within a religious monastery or convent.
    1. Undertaking that they will work with religious societies in the UK.
    2. Undertaking that they will deliver religious education etc.
    3. The will work in monastery or convent.

Tier 2 work permit requirement.
This work permits to the UK demands some fundamentals requirements from the employee and clearance of the Tier 2 points test. The employer must satisfy and ensure that the employee has.
1. The UK degree equal level qualification.
2. A diploma of Higher National Diploma, which is related to this employment.
3. If the Higher National Diploma is not relevant, then has one year’s full-time work experience, which is relevant to employment and it is equal to N/SVQ Level 3 or above.
4. Or three years relevant experience in which the work permit is sought

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