Student visa for Australia

Student visa for Australia

Australia is an excellent option to study, it teaches fantastic courses, amazing lifestyle and warmly welcome international students. Australia is the best choice for studies in the world because it has an outstanding institutes and teaching staff. Moreover, Australia provides excellent environment for studies and apply latest researched methods of teaching. Australian institute deliver fantastic education through they’re high rated educationists through research and demonstration. Australia is an emerging economy of the world and it allows the students to take part in work, so Australia allow the student to work for specific hours in a week. Study in Australia is easy and easy to apply for student visa, first select a course in which you want to take admission then institute and its location. After selection of course or program,  you have to check the universities or colleges offer this program and their requirements and facilities. It is important that confirm the academic and English language entry requirements and make sure that you are eligible for this course. Mostly international students directly apply the education institute for admission, but posting is also an option. It is necessary for all students that they must check their Assessment Level (AL) before applying for student visa to Australia. A non-refundable application charge of AUD$550 are applicable to the majority of visa application, students who are eligible to take family member with them to Australia they will pay an extra application charges from each family member.

Australia student visa application process

When the application for admission is received by the university or other educational institute they will assesses it and they will send the result and usually it takes few weeks. If the application is accepted, then the student will receive an offer letter and an acceptance form. It is important that student must understand the offer letter before accepting it, student must fulfill requirement before the institution releases a Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE). The student can pay the tuition fee before the issues a CoE, but the educational institute will inform about this. At this moment the student is accepted and it is right time to apply for Australia student visa. The student visa is applied on letter of offer or your CoE, but student will provide evidence of CoE prior to visa is granted. Student also manage Overseas Student Health Cover and confirm accommodation in Australia before the departure. Education provider will dispatch student an admission package along necessary instructions which will be helpful for travel to Australia. These information are about course, accommodation, location, finance issue, information about orientation programs. When a student visa issued from Adelaide Offshore Student Processing Center (AOSPC) in Australia then students will get an approval letter that shows the visa expiry date and instruct the student to submit original passport to nearest Australian embassy in your native country for a visa stamp on your passport.

Student visa requirements for Australia.

  1. Duly filled and complete Australia student visa application form (157A)
  2. Paid student visa application fee for Australia.
  3. Copy of passport initial pages having bio data of passport holder.
  4. Certificate of Enrollment or Letter of Offer from university or other educational institute of Australia.
  5. Evidence of sufficient funds in the form of bank statement or sponsor affidavit.
  6. Evidence of health insurance cover or Overseas Student Health Cover (OHSC).
  7. English proficiency test results like IELTS, international English language testing system.
  8. Custody, accommodation and other arrangements for students under 18 years of age.
  9. The minimum living cost requirement is AUD$18,610 annually in Australia.

10. Academic certificate and degrees attested copies.

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