Immigration to Malaysia

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Immigration to Malaysia.

Malaysia is a developing Muslim country and it has a huge area. Malaysia has fantastic living and working environments. This country has fine class natural beauty and outstanding working facilities. Malaysia has established industrial zone in different parts of the country and hire various skills workers from abroad. The immigration or permanent residency of Malaysia is tough, but once it is awarded the permanent resident can live in this country indefinitely, can get a job, run a business, purchase properties and can leave and come in Malaysia freely as national of this country. Malaysian permanent residency or immigration has many advantages and some obligation for resident of this country. Malaysian permanent residents always follow the rules of the country, but the permanent residency status can be reversed when government deemed necessary. Sometime, the authorities refuse the application on the base of Malay language. The Malaysian immigrant will apply for citizenship at the National Registration Office and needs following documents.

1. Application form C for citizenship.
2. National Identity card.
3. Birth certificate of applicant.
4. Entry permit of Malaysia.
5. Identity cards of two Malaysian recommender.
6. Documents related to spouse or children.

Permanent residency eligibility categories.

1. High net worth individual means financially sound or investors.
This category of immigrants belong to financially sound people and this category require little things by the State Immigration Office. Malaysian Immigration suggests the high worth people to just open fixed deposit account containing amount of USD 2 million at Malaysian bank. This amount will be withdrawn after fives, while other requirements are the same as mentioned. However, the spouse and children of this high worth person can get the same benefits and a permanent residency after five years of stay in Malaysia.

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  1. Expert or skilled person.
    This immigration is belonged to skills and talented person for industries. These industries include health and medical, sports, science, technology, banking and finance institute. This immigration applicant require references from native agencies to his experience in Malaysia. It also demands to deposit good conduct certificate from belonging country and this type of immigrant who are famous for their work.
  2. Professional in different fields.
    This category of immigration is belong to professionals in any field. These permanent residency applicant must be recommended by local Malaysian agency and they must submit a good conduct certificate from their native countries. The professional require three years experience in government or private sector. However, the approval of this immigration is up to the higher authorities.
  3. Spouse of a Malaysian citizen or permanent resident.
    This category of permanent residency is belong to spouse of a Malaysian citizen. The applicant must have at least one sponsor from Malaysia and a long-term visit pass is issued to applicant to live continuously in this country. The Malaysian spouse will be responsible for his/her partner and he/she will support him in Malaysia.

    5. Applicants who qualify the point system.
    This category gets a Malaysian permanent resident status award immigration after a long period and this is based on point system in which the applicant need to get 65 points out of 120. The applicant who gets top ranking in this system also need a Malaysian sponsor and a good character certificate from his native country.

Immigration to Malaysia procedure.
The application for experts or specialist person in their relevant fields to be submitted on specified form at Immigration Department of Malaysia in Putrajaya, while other categories applicant will submit their application in any State Immigration Office of Malaysia. After this application submission the applicant and his/her sponsor will be interviewed at the immigration department. The applicant needs to attach a recommendation by the relevant agency in Malaysia where it is demanded. This process of getting permanent residency in Malaysia will take some time.

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