Immigration to Canada

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Immigration to Canada
Canada is developed country in the world and it has vast area, which is full of natural resources. The population of this country is less as compare to its area. Canada has become the best destination of qualified and skilled people from the world because it provides an excellent working environment with handsome salaries and other package of social security. Canada provides best facilities to their citizens in term of security, education, health, job opportunities and other services which are the responsibility of state. There are various ways through those an individual can get Canadian immigration which later changes into permanent residency of this country. The Canadian immigration processing time is different from one sponsorship with other. Similarly the sponsorship processing fees is also different in different categories while Quebec has its own fee structure. There are various ways through those the applicant can get Canada immigrant visa.

Canada Skilled Worker Immigration

Canada has great demand for foreign skilled worker and professionals, the main aim to induct these skilled professionals from the world is just enhancement of the economy of this country. The foreign skilled immigrants are the real asset of this country because they contribute their expertise for the betterment of this state. The skilled workers who got this immigration will later get permanent resident visa of Canada. The applicant for this immigration program will decide that in which province or territory he wants to live and in this way the applicant will apply for that particular province. Federal skilled worker applicant can live in any province or territory of Canada except Quebec. While the Quebec applicant will live in only Quebec province. Under provincial nominee programs (PNP) the applicant will apply only for a specific province or territory because provinces designed their own skilled worker programs. If the applicant has a job offer from the Canadian employer then applicant qualify  for fast-track Canadian immigration system.
Provincial Nomination Program (PNP).

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The provincial nomination program permit the provinces that they can select the skilled worker for their own interest. It is fast-track system of immigration to Canada. All Canadians provinces have their own special provincial nomination program, but Quebec has different selection criteria for immigrants. Canadian provinces doing nicely to induct immigrants from the world according to their need and requirement. Provinces through these programs get best available skilled and qualified workers from outside  Canada.

Canada Business/Investor Immigration.

Canada business/investor immigration program is an ideal for those individuals who are businessmen or having managerial skills. This business/investor immigration program is a fast-track immigration way to Canada. The businessmen and person having managing skills will be an assets for this country and they will contribute a lot in Canadian economy. The businessmen who wants to invest in this country or they are going to establish business in Canada then they can apply through the federal program. If the businessman plan to settle and live in a particular province, then he will apply provincial business immigration programs.

Canada Family Class Immigration
This immigration allow the family members to enter in Canada through their sponsorship from Canada. Canadian citizens or permanent resident can sponsor his family members for Canadian immigration. Canada has fantastic family immigration program in the world and conduct this program through sponsorship applications. Through this immigration class Canadian citizen or permanent resident can sponsor his spouse or partner from outside or inside Canada. Canadian citizens and permanent residents can sponsor their parents and grand parents for permanent residency in Canada. Under this family class immigration children can also be sponsored by the Canadian citizen or permanent resident, but make sure that applicant and sponsor all fulfill requirement for this immigration.

Canadian immigration requirements in points total points are 100 while required passing points are 67.

  1. Work experience: Maximum 21 Points
  2. Education: Maximum 25 Points
  3. Language: Maximum 24 Points
  4. Arranged employment: Maximum 10 Points
  5. Age: Maximum 10 Points

6. Adaptability: Maximum 10 Points

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