Immigration to Australia

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Immigration to Australia

Australia is an emerging economy of the world and have plenty of natural resources. Australia has highest living standard in world and that is why the majority of qualified and skilled workers get immigration of this country. Immigration to Australia since 1945 and it has people from more than 200 countries of the world. Immigrants from the different countries contribute in the Australian economy. Australia has launched a program for inducting skills workers having qualification from other countries. The skilled worker must have experience at least in one occupation, which is needed in Australia and have good English language fluency. There are various visa option are there for those who migrate permanently to Australia, but they must have skills and required qualification. The immigrant after getting immigration can apply for the Australian citizenship after spending three out of four years in Australia. It is also necessary that in applying year he has resided at least nine months in Australia.

Immigration to Australia requirements.

  1. An immigrant requires at least 60 points.
    2. One year experience in one given occupation skilled list.
    3. An immigrant not more than 50 years.
    4. An immigrant has control and competency in English.
    5. Select and apply on an expression of interest.
    6. Clear a medical test from registered and suggested physician.

Pointing system immigration to Australia.

1. Applicant must have an experience in one occupation mentioned in skilled occupation list SOL1 or SOL2.
2. Applicant can get age points from given list according to their age.
Ages 18 – 24 receives 25 points
Ages 25 – 32 receives 30 points
Ages 33 – 39 receives 25 points
Ages 40 – 44 receives 15 points
Ages 45 – 49 receives 00 points

3. English language test will award maximum 20 points and minimum zero point.

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If an applicant gets 7/9 in each band of IELTS would award 10 points
If an applicant get 8/9 in each band of IELTS would award 20 point

  1. Experience points awarded maximum 15 points and minimum 5 point in nominated occupation or job.
    1. At least three years and less than five years award 5 points.
    2. At least five years and less than eight years award 10 points.
    3. At least eight years and up to ten years award 15 points.
  1. Qualifications give maximum 20 points and minimum 10 points.
  2. Diploma and degree recognized award 10 points.
    2. Bachelors degree or master degree award 15 points.
    3. Ph.D award 20 points.

    6. Adaptability gives maximum 5 points and minimum zero, applicant can get these five points if he/she got one or more degrees or diploma from Australia.
    7. If the applicant is sponsored by a state it will get 5 points, regional sponsorship gives 10 points.
    8. Applicant sponsor by first blood grant 10 points, but the relative must an Australian citizen or permanent resident of this country.

Immigration to Australlia procedure.

Immigration to Australia procedure. Initially  the qualification of the applicant will be assessed in Australia and it will tell that the applicant qualification is match-able to Australian. Australian authority will charge the fee for this assessment and it will take two to five months. After this applicant,  occupation or points suggest that what will be the applying authority regional or state. The third stage in which EOI is tested or points are calculated by Australian authority sum up the applicant. After this, application is submitted and fee will be charged from the applicant and this fee may change from time to time so confirm it first and medical test will be examined in this stage. After three to five months, the visa will be issued and after three out of four years in Australia the citizenship will be awarded.

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