Family vistor visa for UK

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Family vistor visa for UK

UK is the civilized country of the world and the majority of the students and other job seekers visit this country. England is the main destination of people belong to different schools of thoughts and it is cosmopolitan country of the world. The UK consist of different origin individuals and they are performing various activity in this country and trying to enhance the economy of this. The family members of these individuals visit to see him or for reunion and for this they require family visa. The family visa is a legal document that allows the visitor to enter in the UK to visit their family and friends. The UK immigration policy facilitates the families to keep close each other, family visa is available for those who want to visit their families in the UK. The national of European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland do not require a visit visa to England. The family member who is in the UK must be a British national, settled in the UK, granted asylum in the UK or have Humanitarian Protection status. The VAF1B form is required for this family visit visa for England. The family member or children of asylum in the UK can join him there and they will use application form FLR (P). In case when they reach in the UK then they can apply for citizenship of the UK.

Family visitor visa for the UK requirements.

The mentioned requirements must be fulfill before going to apply for a UK family visa.
1. The family member in the UK must have British citizenship, settlement in the UK, asylum or humanitarian protection in the UK.
2. Applicant must prove that he/she is over 18 years of age or applying as a child.
3. The relationship of applicant with the UK citizen is legal and genuine just as the marriage is legal according to your country laws.
4. Applicant English should be good if he/she is over 18 years of age.
5. The visitor defiantly have a plan to visit the UK and will leave the country on maturity of this visa duration that is six months.
6. The applicant declares that he/she has enough funds to stay here without using public funds.

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  1. Applicant must declare that the reason of this visit is just to join family or it is a family visit not more than this.

Documents for family visit visa for the UK.

  1. Valid passport and other related traveling documents.
  2. One passport sized color photograph of an applicant.
    3. Relationship proof of applicant and person to visit in the UK.
    4. Proof that applicant have enough funds to live in this country.
    5. Proof of English language proficiency if applicant is over 18 years old.
  3. Applicant tuberculosis test results.
    7. Sponsorship form from family member from the UK.

Family vistor visa for UK procedure.

The family visa for the UK can be applied online from any where and this visa can be applied from inside England or outsideĀ  England. The applicant just visit the visa application center outside the UK. The applicant will provide photograph and their fingerprints which are the requirement for this visa is known as bio metric information. There are other services are there for submission of related documents for this family visa to England. The family visa processing time is different in different places just as in England this process is faster than the outside England. On approval of this family visits visa the visitor must be came back after maturity of this visa sanction. Moreover, on family visit visa the applicant cannot start studies and get a job. The visitor visa holder must follow the basic rules and regulation

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