Family visa for Canada

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Family visa for Canada.
Canada is located in North America continent and it is a large country according to area. Canada is a developed country and it has many natural resources. Canada has many immigrants from the world and they live there as a permanent resident of this country. These permanent resident and citizen can invite family members in Canada. The sponsor should be more than 18 years old may sponsor family person and close relative. Sponsor is responsible to family members and close relative to assist them in Canada. The Canadian permanent resident can sponsor the family member from outside the country if they are spouse, dependent children, including adopted children. The main objective of this immigration is reunion of close family members in Canada like spouse, children and parents. There are some basic responsibilities of the sponsor just as he will sport them financially for three years even they become a permanent resident of this country. The sponsor makes sure that the spouse of sponsor and children do not look for financial support from the Canadian or Quebec government. There is no specific income threshold is required to sponsor, but the sponsor should not be a bankrupt. The sponsor also provide an undertaking that he will be responsible for their financial issues.

Family visa for Canada requirements

Eligibility for a sponsor.
1. The sponsor of family visa should be Canadian national or nationality holder and his age should be more than 18 years.
2. An agreement between sponsor and sponsored family member that he will support them financially.
3. This family member support will be available for three years.
4. The support for dependent child for 10 years or the child comes on 25 years of age.
5. The sponsor from the Quebec then the rules and regulation of this territory will be followed.
6. The sponsors do not have criminal record illegal activities in Canada.

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Eligibility for spouse.
1. The marriage of sponsor and spouse must be officially valid where this was held.
2. The marriage if it is held in Canada, then a marriage certificate should be from that particular province.
3. The marriage outside Canada must be verified by the law of that country where this marriage was held.

Eligibility for dependents.
1. Son or daughter of sponsor dependent if he is a father or mother.
2. The dependant must be less than 22 years and single mean unmarried.

Medical and police clearance certificate.
1. All the family members like spouse, dependent children required medical examination and children medical test in different from the elders. The medical examination of all family member including spouse is necessary before visa application submission.
2. The police clearance certificate is required for this family visa from the country where the applicant is applying and he/she is living there since last six months.
3. Other necessary documents of applicant and dependent just as passport, photographs, employment letter etc.

Family visa for Canada procedure.

The majority of family visas applications are processed within year, but the processing time is different in various visa offices. Family sponsorship processing fees for sponsoring individual or candidate is $260. The Canadian citizen or permanent resident will apply to sponsor his spouse and dependent. Then, the spouse and other dependent will apply for permanent residence. The applications for sponsorship and permanent residence  files in same time and the sponsor application is entertained in the Case Processing Centre (CPC) in Mississauga, Ontario, Vegreville, Alberta. If the applicant is legal sponsor, then the permanent residence application is forwarded to Canadian visa office. The Canadian government changes their family visa policies from time to time therefore consult in Canada embassy or consulate for current information.

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