Dubai student study visa

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Dubai student study visa. 

Dubai is the main Emirate of United Arab Emirates and it has various types of education systems. Dubai consist of various universities, colleges and other training institutes those providing an excellent education and professional training programs. Every education institute in Dubai has its own admission criteria and rules. Dubai has government and private universities and colleges, in government universities and colleges only national of this country entertained while the private institute enroll all students from abroad who meet the criteria and admission requirements. Admission in primary, secondary or high schools level only a resident visa is required while in colleges and universities and other training institutes need student visas. Before, awarding student visa all requirements of university must be fulfill. The residency visa for primary, secondary or high schools needed and it requires parents sponsorship. The male student under the age of 18 years in full-time can be sponsored by their parents. Unmarried girls will be sponsored by her father or her mother if mother is a professional employee. The full-time students will be sponsored by their relevant educational institute if it is authorized and this enable the student to get study visa for his related course. However, all universities, colleges or institutes are not offer this facility. The student visa is valid for one year and it renewed every year during course..

Documents require for Dubai student visa.

1. Passport having at least six months validity and contains two blank visa pages.
2. Four photocopies of passport.
3. Recent color photograph of student 12 in number.
4. Educational institute admission acceptance letter or offer letter released from the applied educational institute.
5. Bank statement indicating that student have enough funds to support himself in Dubai United Arab Emirates.
6. University accommodation tenancy agreement.
7. Copy of paid tuition fee receipt for first study year program.
8. Copy of visa fees receipt for current year.

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  1. Attested copies of Degrees, certificates, diplomas and other relevant documents.
    10. Police clearance certificate for some countries students.
    11. Medical examination taken by the authorized United Arab Emirates medical center which required about AED 350-500. This medical exam will take chest x-rays, blood tests and HIV test. If the student has positive any test after examining he will deport from Dubai.

Dubai student visa procedure.

Dubai student visa procedure. Dubai universities and colleges have their own admission criteria, but the professional training institute do not require any special background knowledge for admission. It is necessary for all students that they must check all about the admission, subjects, fee and other related question. Once the student select a program and education institute where he/ she wants to take admission. So apply for admission in selected program, but it is also vital that the institute accept you and it will take decision after reviewing student documents. The students belong to Gulf cooperation countries do not require a visa to study, all other students must require a student visa to study in Dubai United Arab Emirates. This study visa is sponsored by the college or university or other educational institute recognized by the United Arab Emirates ministry of higher education. The application is processed through an electronic form require a photograph of student. In addition to tuition fee another AED 1000 should be deposit by the student, which will be refund after completion the course. Dubai universities, colleges and other institute process student visa on the behalf of the student who has applied for a specific program in university or college. The university or college will apply for student visa in Dubai and student only will accept it.

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