Business Visa Dubai

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Business Visa Dubai 

Dubai, is locates in the Arabian Peninsula, this is among the seven emirates of UAE. Dubai is main cultural city and business hub of UAE and it catches the attraction of all workers and investors from the world. Dubai is the main exporter of oils and gas and that is why it has huge number of foreign investors in different projects. The applicant comes for business deals or consignments they visit on business visa, which is called non-immigrant visa, which is issued to the foreign investors who are willing to create a business in this Emirate. The businessmen and entrepreneurs from all over the world like to establish their business in Dubai. The Dubai made many change in its policy regarding business or investors. This category of Dubai business and entrepreneurs visa is modified to get residence to anyone who wants to invest handsome amount of money and increase economy of this country. The businessmen gets residence visa for three years. Besides, business visa there is an other business partner visa is available, which is issued to applicant have shared in a company. This visa holder also get three years residency visa and the same benefits will be for his spouse and children. Multiple entry business visa is for those individuals having relation with UAE company and permit the visa holder a multiple entry in UAE. The mission visa is for short-term business visit and it is for professionals.

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Once it was a difficult task to establish business in Dubai, but now it is quite easy and Dubai government develop many plan for the international investors. They have allocated some industrial zones for foreign investors and businessmen to start their own business with minimum investment without any tax and these zones are called as free zones. Foreign businessmen can establish their business in free zones of Dubai and can enjoy the tax free income, the Dubai authorities offer business visa to investor and his family members. Businessmen and entrepreneurs want to live in this country they first to have established a business or company to obtain a residence visa for themselves and their family. Dubai is the most desire business zone in the world to create a business in this part of the world because the availability of labor is easy and it is tax free zone. It is necessary that before applying a UAE Dubai residence visa you first apply for investor or business visa. The investor or business visa automatically provide you the residency visa in Dubai to whole family members. On approval of this business visa the UAE government allow the applicant to live and starts his business. The Dependant will also join the applicant business visa holder and they can live there.

Dubai business visa basic requirements.

1. The businessmen required an industrial license to establish industry or he will manufacture something and this license will be issued from the Dubai Department of Economic Development.
2. Investor visa applicant must have from Dh15,000 to Dh 30,000 to establish business and the range of capital varies from free zone to free zone. All free zone required different amount of investment from the foreign investor.
3. Applicant must select a free zone for his new business and the investing worth indicating the visa types.
4. Applicant must have a business experience and commercial background because it is necessary for success in this field and business visa also depend on this experience.
5. If applicant new business in Dubai is relevant with other,  then the visa will be easily awarded.
6. Valid passport of applicant along with recent color photographs.
7. An applicable business plan through that the business will be established in Dubai.


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